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AAT Members In Practice complaints procedure
Although Simply Bookkeeping expect to provide you with a high standard and timely professional service, sometimes things may go wrong. If you have received a service from us that does not meet the high standard you expect, please contact us in the first instance to resolve your concerns.

If our offer of resolution is not satisfactory, or you do not receive a response, a complaint can be lodged through AAT by contacting their Conduct and Compliance team:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7397 3008

The AAT investigate and resolve complaints and misconduct allegations against AAT members.  If a complaint relates to misconduct, or they identify a breach of AAT Regulations or Guidance during the investigation, they will consider taking disciplinary action against the AAT member. In some cases, they may be able to act as conciliator between you and the AAT member under their conciliation guidelines.

Please note:
The AAT complaints investigation process is regulatory and disciplinary, and should not be considered a substitute to seeking redress or other damages through the courts.  They cannot award financial compensation in resolution of a complaint.

Further information and documents can be found:
Upholding AAT standards
AAT guidelines on ethics and conduct
AAT and the anti-money laundering regulations

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